Students Call On Nsfas To Monitor Accommodation Placements

Students Call On Nsfas To Monitor Accommodation Placements | Adequate and conducive accommodation for students funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme’s (NSFAS) has raised many concerns, as it is still a major challenge faced by government and Nsfas.

Students have raised concerns that there are insufficient beds to accommodate Nsfas beneficiaries, and that some universities and institutions do not have their own accommodation.

They are now asking Nsfas to be more involved in accreditation process for student accommodation as universities are not playing their part with regards to checking these accommodation places and making sure that these spaces are safe and conducive to learning.

In an interview, Nsfas CEO, Andile Nongogo responded by saying that Nsfas explains that the organisation spends around R12 billion each year on accommodation.

For any proper organisation to spend that amount of money, and not be involved in the process is a serious travesty.

Ngongogo says that the reason why students are having these challenges is because Nsfas beneficiaries are the last ones to be allocated with accommodation.

He explains that Nsfas is definitely getting involved to make sure that the organisation gets value for money out of the accommodation placements, and they also initiating systems that would be able to manage this.

Nsfas is in the process of building controls and systems to avoid issues students face with accommodation in the future.

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