University of Johannesburg 2023 Admission Registration

University of Johannesburg Admission Registration 2023 :

Organisation : University of Johannesburg
Facility Name : Admission Registration 2023
Applicable For : Students
Country : South Africa
Last Date : 10th February 2023

How To Apply For University of Johannesburg Admission?

University of Johannesburg Admission Applications are open. Registration commences on 20 January 2023 and closes on 10 February 2023 (only online, off-campus registrations will be allowed). Register as early as possible due to programmes being filled during the first few days of registration. Spaces cannot be guaranteed.

** Note that the registration dates may be adjusted. Any such changes will be published on the UJ website.
** No on-campus facilities will be available for registration. All registrations are done online and off-campus, for which you may use a tablet/handheld device or any other computer facility at your disposal.
** Follow this link to access registration information and follow the step-by-step guide.
** Review your Proof of Registration to ensure that your qualification and all the module registration(s) are
** complete and correct for the entire year.
** Do note that any previous studies (at a higher education institution) MUST be declared to UJ. The non- declaration of previous studies serves as sufficient reason for the cancellation of your registration (please refer to the Returning student registration information letter published on the registration website)
** Only REGISTERED STUDENTS may participate in academic activities.

Payments of University of Johannesburg Admission

** All students, including students whose fees are paid by sponsors or employers, are required to pay the following minimum amounts in order to register:
** Day students (tuition fees) – All students not residing in the residences – R3 870.00
** Residence students (tuition fees and residence deposit)
** Only students with acceptance letters from residences – R6 470.00
** Residence students (provisionally selected/waiting for a space in residence): R3 870.00

Payment Methods:
** Credit cards (E-payments) will reflect on your UJ student account immediately. Alternative payment methods used will not reflect immediately and may impact on securing a place.
** For online E-payments please use the following link:
** Please note that you must cancel your registration at the University if you decide to discontinue or withdraw from your qualification or study programme or register at another institution.
** The following cancellation rules will apply:
** Total cancellation of studies
** Cancellation on or before 25 February 2023: In this case, a total refund of the paid tuition fees and/or residence fees (where applicable) may be processed, except for the registration fee (R610,00) and ICT levy (R430,00) which are non-refundable.

What are the Important Dates of University of Johannesburg Registration?

** Returning/continuing students’ commences on 16 January 2023 until 10 February 2023(only online, off-campus registration will be allowed).
** Access cards for senior students will be automatically activated after registration.
** First-year undergraduate students registration commences on 20 January 2023 and closes on 10 February 2023(only online, off-campus registration will be allowed).
** First-Year students only need to come onto campus to collect their student cards. Students can collect their student card at any campus during the registration period.
** To gain access to campus, you will need your printed proof of registration and an ID or driver’s license.


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