North-West University (NWU) Academic Records

North-West University (NWU) Academic Records | The North-West University (NWU) is pleased to announce the availability of transcript/academic records for graduates of the institution. Graduates who are yet to get their transcript/academic records can proceed to apply for it.

The North-West University (NWU) has recorded Academic transcripts along with other related important information.

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North-West University (NWU) academic Record is an official record of your complete enrolment history at the North-West University (NWU), including the results you achieved for each course, credit points, Grade Point Average (GPA) for each semester, and the overall GPA for your studies. Academic Transcript/Record is at times one of the Jobs or internships requirements that could disqualify you if you refuse to submit a copy.

Transcripts Keeping Duration

AACRO guidelines suggest that a community college should retain these transcripts for a minimum of one year after the term in which you applied if you do not enroll; otherwise, it should retain them for a minimum of five years after your graduation or last date of attendance.

North-West University (NWU) Academic Records

Follow the steps below to request your North-West University (NWU) Transcript/Academic Record 2022;

STEP 1: Go to –

STEP 2: Navigate and click on “Transcript/Academic Records”

STEP 3: Enter Registration Number.

STEP 4: Enter Password.

STEP 5: Click on “Submit”


  • You shall be notified once your transcript/academic record is ready.
  • The institution reserve the right to charge for the transcript/academic record

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