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NaTIS Customer Support | Driving Licence & Vehicle Queries - infopportunity

NaTIS Customer Support | Driving Licence & Vehicle Queries


NaTIS Customer Support : Driving Licence & Vehicle Queries

Organisation : National Traffic Information System (NaTIS)
Service Name : Customer Support
Headquarters : Midrand, Gauteng
Industry : Government
Service/ Product : Driving Licence Queries,Vehicle Queries, Fraud and Corruption

NaTIS Customer Support

Call : 0861 400 800
Email : onlinesupport [at]

NaTIS Driving Licence Queries

1. First contact the registering authority where the application was made.
2. Escalate the matter to Provincial Representative (refer to contacts for provinces)

Name Position Phone
Critical Transaction Centre RTMC +27 11 266-2169
Issie Pretorius Department of Transport +27 12 309-3708
Gopolang Masike Representative: Eastern Cape +27 43 604-7619
Fumane Jacobs Representative: Free State +27 51 408-7607
Lesego Modisane Co-representative: Gauteng +27 11 891-0155
Cedric Miya Co-representative: KwaZulu-Natal +27 33 355 8791
Varusha Chetty Co-representative: KwaZulu-Natal +27 33 355 0469
Molatela Sebola Representative: Limpopo +27 15 295-1284/1155
Mrs L van der Ryst Representative: Mpumalanga +27 13 753-3310
Patric Tlhaganeng Representative: North West +27 18 397-0724
Ramon Barlow Representative: Northern Cape
Carien Matthee Co-representative: Western Cape +27 21 483-2074
D Swartz Co-representative: Western Cape +27 21 483-2078
E Petersen Co-representative: Western Cape +27 21 483-2080
Jerome van Niekerk Co-representative: Western Cape +27 21 483-2469

NaTIS Fraud and Corruption

Name Position Phone
Zerk Bester Fraud and Corruption +27 12 309-3708

NaTIS Vehicle Queries

1. First contact the registering authority where the application was made.
2. Escalate the matter to Provincial Representative (refer to contacts for provinces)

NaTIS Provincial Representatives

This is a list of provincial representatives for the NaTIS system. Select the representatives for the province where you are residing.

Province: Gauteng
Department: Gauteng Help Desk
Contact: 0118910001
Name Position Contact Number
Margaret Phalane Mokoebo Assistant director vehicle licensing 0118910094
Stanley Mogajane Senior natis admin officer 0118910011
Albert Malavi Deputy director natis management 0118910090
Province: Mpumulanga
Department: Mpumulanga Help Desk
Contact: 0137538600
Name Position Contact Number
Mzamani Vuma NaTIS Co-ordinator 0137661543
Cheeky Nkosi NaTIS Co-ordinator 013 753 3470
Province: Free State
Department: Free State Help Desk
Contact: 0154098667
Name Position Contact Number
Tammy Morey Provincial Coordinator 051 409 0449
Prudence Motshelane Acting Assistant Director
Andrew Booysen Transport Admin
Province: Kwa-Zulu Natal
Department: Kwa-Zulu Natal Help Desk
Contact: 0333951800
Name Position Contact Number
Rob Abramson Head 033 395 1800
Colette Reddy Sub-Head NaTIS Co-ordinator 033 395 1813
Province: Eastern Cape
Department: Eastern Cape Help Desk
Contact: 0436048000
Name Position Contact Number
Gopalang Masike Director: Transport Admin and Licensing 043 604 7558
Bronwyn Milborrow Supervisor 0436048000
Province: Northern Cape
Department: Northern Cape Help Desk
Contact: 0538025531
Name Position Contact Number
Ramon Barlow Head 0538025531
Machtild Rossouw NaTIS Co-ordinator 053 802 5524
Province: Western Cape
Department: Western Cape Help Desk
Contact: 0214835995
Name Position Contact Number
Randal Barreiro Deputy Director: NaTIS 0860212414
Province: Limpopo
Department: Limpopo Help Desk
Contact: 0152917000
Name Position Contact Number
Bongi Mashaba Head 015 295 1072
Tshifhiwa Rambau +27 (15) 294 8376
Province: North West
Department: North West Help Desk
Bojanala District(Rustenburg)
Contact: 014 592 5375
Ngaka Modiri Molema (Mahikeng)
North West Help Desk (Head Office)
Contact: 018 388 1112
Name Position Contact Number
Tokelo Taiwe NaTIS Provincial Security Administrator 018 388 3232/1273
Suebel Mmono Director 018 388 1124/1273

NaTIS National Call Centre

Kindly note that members of the public are requested to please contact their respective Provincial Representatives should they have any NaTIS enquiries. Always remember to log a call with your Provincial Call Centre and keep your reference number. The NaTIS National Call Centre only provides support to the 9 South African provinces, Lesotho, Namibia and external interface users.

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