Will Nsfas Consider Your Early Application?

Students around South Africa are patiently waiting for the application period for the government bursary scheme to be announced. However, some individuals may have already applied for funding.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) ensures that students from poor and working-class homes can achieve their academic goals by providing compressive bursaries. Their bursaries cover tuition and textbook fees and provide students with transport and meal allowances.

The Nsfas bursary application period has not yet been announced. However, some students recently applied for funding on the Nsfas application website.

Nsfas explained that they recently conducted a testing exercise to test the readiness of their application system for the 2023 academic year application period. This test was conducted on 15 September 2022 to prepare for the official application period.

The scheme revealed that the purpose of the test was to ensure that their application system is ready to receive bursary applications before the opening date of the application period for funding in 2023.

Nsfas revealed that a group of students took the opportunity to submit a funding application during the testing exercise. However, many students are confused as to whether they will need to resubmit a funding application when the official 2023 funding application period opens later this year.

Nsfas said these students will not need to reapply when the 2023 Nsfas application period opens. They said, “Individuals who applied during this testing phase will not be required to apply once applications officially open”.

The opening date for applications will be announced by the Minister of Higher Education on 27 September 2022.

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