University of Pretoria Online Registration 2023 –


University of Pretoria Online Registration 2023 :

Organisation : University of Pretoria
Facility Name : Online Registration 2023
Applicable For : New First-Year Students
Country : South Africa
Last Date : 17th February 2023

How To Do University of Pretoria Online Registration?

The General Academic Regulations (GAR) or G Regulations, as they are commonly referred to, should provide answers to any questions you might have on admission, registration, study periods, examinations and much more, from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

It is very important that you read these regulations in conjunction with the relevant faculty yearbook (available online) for more faculty-specific rules and regulations. New first-year students will be able to register online from 24 January 2023 to 17 February 2023.You can pay by credit card or cheque card online or at the bank 5 days ahead of registration.

** Log in to UP Student Portal, click on the UP Student Centre link and check for holds in the right column of the student centre. If there are any holds, students will not be able to register.
** First-year students, who are not sure about their curriculum, need to register for core and fundamental modules. Elective modules can be added after attending the orientation programme and curriculum advice.
** First years with fixed curricula can register their modules as they appear on the registration page.
** Current students will be able to register online from 4 January 2023 to 17 February 2023. There is no fixed registration schedule for these students.

What will happen in January/February?

** Complete the online pre-orientation from 25 January 2023.
** Visit: for more information and updates.
** Check your final (new) admission status from 23 January 2023 on the UP student portal. This status will be based on your final school leaving certificate: NSC, IEB, etc.

Then register online from 24 January 2023 if:
** Your student contract has been completed, delivered to UP and is valid;
** Your initial payment of R7 500 (and additional fee of R5 700 only if you have been admitted to an official UP residence) has been paid;
** You still meet the minimum programme admission requirements with your final IEB/ NSC results.

** Should you need any assistance with registration, phone the help desk at 012 420 5347 or send an email to [email protected]
** You will need a UP access card to enter the campus. Once you have registered, you will get a confirmation of registration and then have to make a booking to collect your student card in person.
** Attend the Welcome Day for first-year students and parents on 11 February 2023.
** Attend the first-year orientation from 13 – 17 February 2023. You will interact with staff and get information on the correct module choice, credits and prerequisites.
** Check the UP web regularly for the latest information.
** Note that UP follows a blended teaching and learning approach, which includes both online learning and in-person classes. It is therefore important for students to have access to an internet- enabled device, preferably a laptop. Please consult the faculty websites for more faculty-specific requirements for the laptop.

What is the Last Date of Students Registration?

New first-year students will be able to register online from 24 January 2023 to 17 February 2023.

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