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Selfmed Medical Scheme |


Selfmed Medical Scheme :

Name of the Organization : Selfmed Medical Scheme
Type of Facility : Selfmed Medical Aid Scheme
Head Office : Cape Town
Website :

Selfmed Medical Scheme

Selfmed Medical Scheme was established in 1965 to bring sincere, dependable and simplistic medical aid to South Africans.

** We offer a simplistic range of products that meets the essential healthcare needs of our members;
** We take a sincere interest in your wellbeing and always provide personalised attention to our members;

** We offer security to our members by ensuring that we always maintain a solid financial standing;
** We are committed to providing excellent service to every member, in every instance, always.


Who owns Selfmed Medical Scheme?
** Selfmed is an autonomous, INDEPENDENT, Legal ENTITY and belongs to its members.

Who is the Controlling Body of the Scheme?
** Selfmed Medical Scheme is controlled by a Board of Trustees elected by the members:
** Mr Trevor Harris (Chairman), Dr Reg Engelbrecht, Mr Francois de Wit and Mr Duncan Albertyn.

** The well-being of Selfmed is more than a fiduciary duty to the Trustees, as can be testified by the time and energy that they devote to Selfmed and members’ interests.

What is the Scheme’s Solvency Ratio?

** With solvency levels well in excess of legislative requirements the Scheme’s extremely favourable financial position offers members financial stability, security and peace of mind.

What about Administration?

** Selfmed regards administration as a vital component to its future success.
** The scheme is directly involved with all aspects of the administration.
** The fully integrated administration system that is utilised enables our medical scheme to offer excellent service levels in all administrative areas, e.g. processing of claims, resolving queries, etc.

Why Selfmed?
** The Selfmed vision is consolidated into a value statement that embraces the values and corner-stones of the Scheme.

Simplicity, Sincerity, Security, Service ?
** Whilst we are able to ensure that members receive the personalised, individual attention they deserve, they also have the peace of mind of knowing that Selfmed is a prosperous and secure scheme looking after all their medical scheme needs

What about Support and Accessibility?
** Four marketing offices have been established. Cape Town / Johannesburg / Nelspruit and Durban.

** These offices operate as direct point of service where intermediaries and members can obtain support and information about the Scheme. Support and assistance is also offered to members in all the other provinces as well.

** The Selfmed team is committed to offer first-class service, thereby adding value to the needs of members and intermediaries.

** Selfmed’s Service Excellence Centre offers members, intermediaries and providers access to highly trained specialists who are empowered to resolve and finalise most enquiries on first point of contact.

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