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NSFAS Trimester 2 Applications - infopportunity

NSFAS Trimester 2 Applications

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is responsible for the DHET Bursary Scheme, what we call the NSFAS bursary. NSFAS bursary applications will open tomorrow for Trimester 2 bursaries.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) will open applications for TVET College students to study in Trimester 2 tomorrow. They will then close on 19 August, giving students just over a week to apply.

This application period is only for those wishing to study during Trimester 2 at one of South Africa’s 55 Public TVET Colleges.

NSFAS has advised students to apply online or through TVET college bursary offices. Here’s the ways students can apply:

  1. Walk-in online application platform (super user)
  2. Students capture their application at their college computer lab
  3. Assistive capture application platform

The application will then be captured by TVET official on behalf of the student. When applying, students will be required to provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Copy of South African birth certificate/copy of ID document/Temporary ID of the student
  2. Copy of South African birth certificate/copy of ID document/Temporary ID of parent(s)/guardian/spouse
  3. Proof of income (where applicable) – student/parent(s)/guardian or spouse (not older than 3 months.
  4. SASSA recipients no proof of income required.

Students who were listed as a ‘Vulnerable child’ will also need to submit a Vulnerable Child Declaration Form from a social worker.

If the applicant is living with a disability, they would then need to submit a Disability Annexure A form, along with the rest of the required documents.

Students should visit the NSFAS website to track their applications. Those who have applied for NSFAS during the walk-in application period will not be required to fill out the NSFAS system access form. They will only need to send an email to for their account to be re-activated.

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