How to Use APS Calculator For Wits

How to Use APS Calculator For Wits | Each year, the University of Witwatersrand receives approximately 70 000 applications but only has 5000 spaces available. It is then important that you calculate your Admission Point Score (APS) to see if you do meet the requirements for your desired course.

If you are contemplating where to study in the next academic year, it is best that you do your research in where you are most likely to be accepted for admission.

As part of the Wits University admission requirements, you need to have matric and have passed your subjects with at least a Bachelor’s degree pass. However, the final selection is made subject to the availability of places, academic results and other entry requirements where applicable.

To see if you qualify for the qualification that you have chosen, you need to first calculate your Admission Point Score (APS).

The university tabulates the points score for all subjects on the following basis:

  1. That English must be taken either as Home Language or as 1st Additional Language.
  2. Mathematics is compulsory for all numerate programmes in Engineering and the Built Environment, Commerce, Law and Management, and Science.
  3. Maths Literacy is accepted for some degrees (see Admission Requirements (NSC)).
  4. Wits does not distinguish between designated vs non-designated subjects when calculating the admission point score (APS)
  5. The APS calculation is based on the best seven subjects including Life Orientation.

According to this table, if you have achieved level one or two in your best subjects, then you won’t score any points across all matric subjects.

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Mathematics and English subjects are grouped together, Life Orientation is individually scored. The last column indicates how much you were to score for other subjects that are part of your matric certificate.

Once you know what is it that you want to study for, first take a look at your APS score and start with your Wits University application.

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