How to Upload Documents

How to Uploading documents for your online application?

When submitting an application online you often need to upload documents. For example, a copy of your passport. On this page you can find out more about creating a digital version, and uploading documents with your online application.

  • You can upload pdf and jpg files
  • Digitise a document and convert it to pdf or jpg
  • Upload documents with your online application
  • Upload additional documents to an application you have already submitted


Things to note

Keep in mind that electronic files generally must be in one of the following formats in order to be uploaded: PDF, TIF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

Be aware that a change in file format may change the layout of the document. With so many different options for file formats, there’s no shame in looking up what format your document would work best in.

Another important thing to note is that files must not contain any special characters, accents, or symbols.

How to Upload a Document

So, you have the document, you know what format you want it to be in, and now it’s time to get it uploaded.

Typically, you will find the tab or button labeled “Add Files”. You’ll then find and select the files either on your computer or on a flash drive, external drive, or memory card. You can click the “Open” button which begins the uploading process.

How to Use Your Phone/Camera to Scan Documents

  • Install a free mobile scanning app. Google Drive is considered a scanning app that will work well for your needs. Many mobile phones have high photo quality that can work perfectly as a scanning option with just the download of an app.
  • Take pictures of the documents and save each as a PDF.
  • Save the PDFs in easily accessible locations on your device.

How to Use Your Printer or Scanner

  • Follow directions per your manufacturer’s handbook to scan each document and send to a computer (or upload to a USB drive). The usage information can usually be found online when the name and type of the scanner are searched.
    • Typically, this will be as simple as pressing a “scan” button and choosing where you want the scan to be sent to.
    • Select the PDF file format before scanning. The default may not be PDF, instead of being a TIF or something else. This can result in poorer quality and larger file sizes.

Ensure that the document is going to be sent to the correct place, or you might be in for a bit of confusion when you can’t find the document. Double-check if the scanner can email it to you that you have the correct email typed out.

Uploading the Document

Typically a website will be clear about how to upload a document to their specific page. You’ll be looking for an “Upload” button, and from there will select the file you’re looking for.

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