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How Ex-Teaching Assistants Can Apply For UIF - infopportunity

How Ex-Teaching Assistants Can Apply For UIF

How Ex-Teaching Assistants Can Apply For UIF | More than 850,000 employment opportunities were created during the first three phases of the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI). However, these job placements came to their conclusion, leaving thousands of youth without any income.

The Department of Basic Education is calling on education and general school assistants who are unemployed to apply for UIF benefits. This call is for all the teaching assistants who participated in the first three phases of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI).

Education and General school assistants who participated in the first three phases of the PYEI were not permitted to be part of the initiative’s fourth phase. This left these assistants without any income.

The education department said all these assistants must submit their information to the Department of Labour by 31 October 2022 so they can receive UIF benefits.

It’s important to note that to benefit from the relief offered by the UIF, individuals must have made contributions to the fund.

Assistants did contribute to the fund, therefore, making them eligible to receive UIF benefits. Their UIF contributions were deducted from their monthly remuneration before it was paid into their bank accounts.

Every worker in South Africa is required to submit contributions to the UIF. Workers’ contribution is equal to 1% of their monthly remuneration. Their employers are required to contribute a further 1%.

Teaching Assistants can submit unemployment benefit applications on the uFiling Website or the nearest labour centre.

Here Are The Documents Needed When Submitting A Claim For UIF Unemployment Benefits

  • 13 Digit Bar-coded South African ID / Passport /ID, (Valid Foreign National passport/ID card/asylum seeker/refugee document).
  • UI.19 form
  • Salary Schedule.
  • Registration as a work-seeker.
  • Periodic continuation form (UI 6A form) to be submitted monthly.

Here’s How Teaching Assistant Can Apply For UIF benefits Online

Step 1: Log into your uFiling Account HERE

Step 2: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Confirm your Banking Details

Step 4: Complete and Verify all your Details

Step 5: Enter your Occupation and Qualification

Step 6: Confirm that you are a Work Seeker

The UIF says that the turnaround time to process a claim submitted by an applicant is 15 working days. Payment will be made 30 days from the date of termination of service.

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