Central University of Technology Registration 2023 is Now Open

The Central University of Technology Registration 2023 is Now Open| As the academic year begins, registration has officially opened for all Central University of Techology students. Here is all the information you need to know to complete your registration online.

Are you planning to study at the Central University of Technology (CUT) in 2023? It’s time to register!

Registration dates will differ depending on faculty and whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or returning student.

All first-year and returning postgraduate students for all faculties must register between 25 and 27 January, as well as the 30 January.

Senior students, including continuing and returning Master’s and Doctoral students, must register on these dates:

  • 1 February – Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
  • 2 February – Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences
  • 3 February – Faculty of Management Sciences
  • 6 February – Faculty of Humanities

Registration for all students closes on 10 February.

Here’s how to register:

  1. Visit the CUT registration portal
  2. Type your student number and pin provided to you
  3. Click on ‘Login’
  4. Select ‘Registration’ on the left of your screen of the screen
  5. Select ‘Rules and Regulations’ on the left
  6. Read the document and take note of the contents thereof. If you agree to the rules and regulations, click on the ‘I accept’ button at the bottom of the page
  7. Select ‘Submit Registration’ on the left
  8. Select your employment status in the drop-down list in the field ‘Employment Status’ and click ‘Save and Continue’
  9. Select your subjects by ticking the box next to each subject to register for the semester, then click ‘Save and Continue’
  10. Click on ‘Save and Continue’; ‘Save and Continue Later’; or ‘Restart Process’
  11. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed
  12. Click on ‘Print Cost Details’ if you want to print the registration costs OR ‘Accept Registration’ if you have selected all your subjects
  13. Click on ‘Proof and cost’ to get your Proof of Registration at the bottom to print your proof of registration if you have registered for all subjects
  14. Print your Proof of Registration or save it as PDF

Remember to make sure that all your personal details, as well as course information is correct before registering.

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