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CapeNature’s Online Booking Portal - infopportunity

CapeNature’s Online Booking Portal


CapeNature’s Online Booking Portal

Organisation : CapeNature
Facility Name : CapeNature’s Online Booking Portal
Country : South Africa

How To Do CapeNature’s Online Booking?

From this page you will be able to facilitate your booking, from choosing your destination, dates and choice of product, all the way to paying for and confirming your booking! On this page you will see a list of regions.

Step 1:
Click on a region to see the nature reserves that have products available for booking.

Step 2:
** Click on each reserve to be taken to the menu to see what is available to be booked at that reserve.
** Please note that certain products, such as the Whale Trail, overnight hiking huts, 4×4 trails, and others, are not available to be booked online, due to strict capacity constraints that need to be managed centrally by CapeNature staff.
** You may book these products by calling us on 087 087 8250 or emailing reservation.alert [at]
** You may also use the contact details above to get hold of us for any queries or difficulties you are having during the online booking process.

CapeNature Booking Changes & Rescheduling

1. All rescheduling of bookings whether before or after arrival must be done 7 days prior to arrival date, any late request(s) will not be honoured, and should a customer not make use of their booking they will forfeit their payment.

2. Any changes on confirmed bookings (e.g. date changes, number of persons, number of sites, etc.) that result in a potential decrease of the booking price must be requested at least within 24 hours prior to arrival date. It shall be within the sole and absolute discretion of CapeNature to proceed with the requested changes

3. Any changes or rescheduling of confirmed bookings that result in a price increase must be settled in full by the due date stated on Provisional Booking Confirmation

CapeNature Booking Cancellation

All cancellation requests for confirmed bookings are subject to the following provisions as well as section 17(3) and (4) of the CPA:

1. Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled 30 days or more prior to the booked arrival date, shall be refunded in an amount equal to 80% of the full booking value and a cancellation fee of 20 % shall be charged.
2. Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled between 29 to 15 days prior to arrival date shall incur a 30% cancellation fee.
3. Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled between 14 to 8 days prior to arrival date shall incur a 40% cancellation fee.
4. Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled 7 days and less prior their arrival dates shall not qualify for a refund or credit.
5. All confirmed bookings must be cancelled in writing.
6. The Client shall forfeit 100% of the total cost for any non-arrival.

CapeNature Refund Process

1. Approval or decline of all requests for refunds will be communicated within 3 working days of the Client’s initial request.
2. Refunds are approved in accordance to the refund and credit conditions within a period of approximately 2 weeks provided that all completed documents are received from the Client.
3. CapeNature shall refund the Client where a confirmed booking is cancelled due to either the death or hospitalization of the person for whom the booking was made, in compliance with the provisions of section 17(5) of the CPA. Where such person has died or is /has been hospitalized, the Client shall provide CapeNature with proof thereof.
4. Except for sections, 2 and 3 above, no further refunds will be provided.
5. Bookings cannot be rescheduled or refunded should guests leave earlier or arrive later than expected


Head office phone number: 087 087 9262
Cubs Club enquiries : Please email learning [at]

Customer Care :
CapeNature visitors have a direct email address to log booking related complaints or compliments via customercare [at] Your feedback is important to us. We will endeavor to respond to all written feedback within five working days after receiving the initial query. For more information please call us on 087 087 8250.

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